Investor Relations

Control Committee

The Audit Committee consists of the three non-executive members of the BoD. Further to Article 44 of Law 4449/2017, its objective is to control the financial reporting process, to supervise the proper functioning of the Internal Audit Division and to monitor the overall management of risks arising from investments.

Control Commitee

  • Alexandros Benos, President
    Independent Non-executive member of BoD
  • Timos Tsokanis, Member
    Independent Non-executive member of BoD
  • Markos Drakos, Member
    Non-Executive Board Member

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Νet Asset Value10,44 €
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Ιnvestors Relations
Mrs Giota Koutsogiannaki

16 Massalias St, Athens, 10680
Tel: : +30 210 7239300
Fax: +30 210 7239310

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