CNL Capital is the first Venture Capital Participation Company in Greece, covering the funding needs of SMEs.

The company was formed in mid-2014 by a group of 25 initial investors, comprised of Greek entrepreneurs and business executives who foresaw the need to create an alternative funding provider for SMEs.

In this way, CNL Capital meets the funding needs of financially healthy, growing SMEs that are inadequately supported by the traditional banking system.

The purpose of CNL CAPITAL as per Greek law 2367/1995 is its participation in companies’ financial capital.

CNL CAPITAL is regulated by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission with license number 2/813/5.4.2018, as an Alternative Investment Fund as per Greek law 4209/2013.

The Company was listed on Athens Stock Exchange in July 2018.

CNL AIFM manages the investment portfolio of CNL Capital.

Message from the Management

CNL Capital ποιοι είμαστε - Παναγιώτης Λέκκας

Panagiotis Lekkas
Chairman – Board of Directors

CNL Capital ποιοι είμαστε - Νίκος Χλωρός

Nikos Chloros
Vice Chairman – Board of Directors &
Chief Executive Officer

Since its inception in 2014, CNL Capital, the first Venture Capital Participation Company in Greece, has aimed to provide an alternative source of funding that substantially supports the growth of local SMEs.

Using innovative and customized solutions, we cover real market needs. We invest in companies that not only survived the adverse economic conditions of the last decade but are also on a growth trajectory and are increasing market share. We do so using in-house processes that are transparent, in-depth and efficient.

CNL Capital has grown rapidly, consistently increasing its annual turnover while retaining a primary focus on the quality of its portfolio.

Our greatest source of pride however, comes from the positive impact that our funding has had on the dozens of companies we’ve invested in, in implementing their growth plans, as confirmed by our clients themselves.

We continue to approach the fulfilment of our corporate vision with persistence and determination. That vision is to be the strategic partner of choice for growing Greek companies, and a leading investment opportunity for shareholders who pursue attractive and predictable returns.

We would like to thank all of you for the trust you show us, which we commit to continue honoring.

Historical Path

Our vision

To form a strategic partner that enables the growth of local companies and helps develop the Greek economy.

Our mission

To provide a differentiated and alternative funding source that substantially supports SME development.

Our values

We grow transparently, professionally, and by adopting strictly merit-based criteria.

We value our clients’ satisfaction highly, providing quality products and services.

We pursue innovation by creating customized solutions to meet our clients’ most demanding needs.

We meet our goals. We keep our promises.