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Investment Committee

The advisory evaluation of investments is carried out by CNL’s eight-member Investment Committee, composed of entrepreneurs and executives with many years of relevant experience.

The Committee meets at least once a month to examine investment proposals, monitor the course of existing investments, suggest alternative investment structures, and make positive or negative recommendations on new investments.

Panagiotis Lekkas

Panagiotis Lekkas has more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance, investment analysis, and portfolio management as Head of the Asset Management Division at Alpha Finance AXEPEY, Director of the Main Branch at Alpha Private Bank, and Co-Founder of CNL. He graduated first in his class from Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) and holds an MBA (with distinction) from London Business School. He is Chairman of the London Business School Greek Alumni Association and Board Member of the Lilian Voudouri Foundation.

Nikos Chloros

During his 25-year career, Nikos Chloros has been a consultant at Cambridge Technology Group (USA), a Senior Analyst at Sumitomo Bank (UK), and a Senior Fund Manager at Alpha Trust Mutual Funds (Greece) before co-founding CNL. Nikos has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and an MBA from London Business School.

Dimitris Vareltzidis

Dimitris Vareltzidis has 20 years of experience in investment banking, corporate finance, valuations, and restructuring having worked in Alpha Finance, Oxygen Capital, KPMG, and Alvarez & Marsal. Dimitris graduated second in his class from Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) and holds an MBA from London Business School.

Edmon Airantzis

Edmon Airantzis has had a varied career spanning 30 years across consulting (Deloitte), investment banking (Devletoglou AXEPEY), and corporate finance advisory services (Grant Thornton, SOL). More recently, he has been actively managing gas distribution companies in Romania owned by Emma Capital Investment Group. Edmon studied engineering at Oxford University and holds an MSc and an MBA from Birmingham University.

Harry Sachinis

Harry Sachinis is an experienced chief executive who has led global companies to significant revenue and profit growth and best-in-industry performance.

He has been involved in private equity independently, as a Partner at Global Finance, one of the leading private equity firms in South-Eastern Europe, and as an Operating Partner for Advent International, one of the world’s leading global private equity firms.

He was recently Business Development Officer at Aegean Airlines where he steered the team responsible for the growth of Europe’s leading regional airline.
Harry Sachinis was the Chairman and CEO of DEPA Group, the largest Greek gas company. He led DEPA to excellent performance in a recently liberalized market environment and negotiated and completed two $10 billion supply contracts and multiple successful price revisions with international suppliers. He was also a contributor in the shaping of alternative gas supply routes to Europe.

He was previously President of the McGraw-Hill Companies’ Business Information Group. Under his leadership, the Group became one of the top global business-to-business information and media companies in the aerospace and defense, construction, and energy industries.

Earlier Harry Sachinis was President of Platts. He built Platts into the world’s largest energy information services and solutions provider and led Platts into new areas such as electronic trading. Every day $20 billion worth of global energy transactions was based on Platts prices. He also actively promoted transparency and integrity in the global energy markets.

Harry Sachinis was also Group Vice President of Standard & Poor’s, where he grew key strategic businesses.

Agis Hiliarhopoulos

Agis Hiliarhopoulos has worked for more than 25 years in senior positions in Greece and abroad. During his decade with private equity funds (Bancroft and Global Finance), he led numerous investments/divestments and several BoDs of investee companies. He has also worked in management consulting and served with the HRADF (ΤΑΙΠΕΔ). For the last five years, he has been managing a ship-owning and ship-management company.

Vlassis Georgatos

Vlassis Georgatos, CEO of Gregory’s S.A., studied at Athens University of Economics and Business and took up administrative duties in 1992, having previously worked in all departments of the company. The business strategy he implemented, transformed the family business into a group of companies that holds a leading position in the Greek coffee & snacking shop market and the 9th position in the European ranking with the largest coffee chains. Since 2014, Vlassis Georgatos has been also active in the industries of shipbuilding, tourism, and real estate.

Vassilis Damianos

Vassilis Damianos is the co-founder of instacar, a digital vehicle subscription platform founded in 2019 (and exited in January 2023), where he acted as CEO. Previously he acted as CFO and BoD member for various known startups in the travel space. Also, he worked for PwC, alternately in Advisory, Audit and Corporate Finance, as well as in the Finance division of NBG. 

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